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Many misperceptions exist concerning profiling. The same can be said of the employment status and role of profilers in the law enforcement and national defense intelligence workplace.  This course will assist those entering the profiling professions for the first time. The trials and hurdles normally confronted in initial hiring, professional development and advancement in the law enforcement and intelligence arenas will be discussed. Topics include:

  • The law enforcement selection and hiring process
  • The national defense intelligence selection and hiring process
  • Law enforcement credentialing
  • Law enforcement training mandates
  • The police vs. corrections profiler
  • Security clearance hurdles
  • Background investigations
  • Psychological investigations
  • Polygraph requirements
  • State certification agencies
  • The BFI hiring portfolio program

Human Dimension Analysis (HDA) is a hybrid approach to behavioral profiling. The model was developed for use in national defense intelligence profiling where it is necessary to combine traditional and non-traditional methodologies.  This introductory course examines the realities and approaches in use across a broad spectrum of profiling disciplines and is designed to help assure that all BFI students use the same professional language and definitions throughout the program. A recommended reading list for the program is also provided during this class. Topics include:

  • Overview of investigative psychology and assessments
  • Law enforcement and military psychology
  • The Profiler as force multiplier
  • Limitations of profiling
  • Profiling myths
  • Overview of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology
  • Key terms in profiling
  • Core competencies...and more